HCMUD 341 Trash and Recycling Service Hour Change

HCMUD 341 currently contracts with Texas Pride Disposal Solutions (Texas Pride) to provide trash and recycling collection services to your residence.  Recently, Texas Pride has experienced delays caused by employment issues and exacerbated by the extreme heat.  In just the past month, Texas Pride has had 2 employees collapse due to the heat.  For this reason, Texas Pride has requested to begin collection at 6:30 a.m. instead of the current 7:30 a.m.

In response to this request, the Lakes on Eldridge Community Association has agreed to suspend the neighborhood noise restriction for the Texas Pride trucks for one day a week through the end of September.  We appreciate the Association’s cooperation and understanding to help us serve the best interests of our community.

Accordingly, beginning August 2 through September 30, trash and recycling collection will be permitted to begin at 6:30 a.m. each Monday.  Thursday collection will remain at 7:30 am or later. This change will allow our community to be the first community serviced on the scheduled Monday reducing the possibility that service is not completed that day as well as helping Texas Pride improve the health and safety of its workers by allowing them to work during the cooler hours of the day.

HCMUD 341 further appreciates your individual understanding and patience as we work through this challenging time.

Under community guidelines, trash can be placed at the curb after 6:00 p.m. the night before pick-up.  In the event of an overnight potential weather event, we ask you to place trash out the morning of pick-up to avoid overturned cans and trash along our streets and yards.  If you experience any issues with trash service, please contact Texas Pride directly at 281-342-8178.     You may also contact HCMUD 341 directly at http://www.hcmud341.org/contact/.

HCMUD 341 Board of Directors

Hurricane Preparedness

As hurricane season approaches, it is important for every family to effectively plan ahead. Here is a link to a checklist of important items from the National Hurricane Survival Initiative.

Since we live close to Addicks Reservoir, there are several links on our website to aid you in tracking alerts and information.

If you have any new neighbors, please encourage them to sign up for HCMUD341 text/email alerts at www.hcmud341.org. MUD 341 strives to maintain water and sewer service in storms, but critical updates, if needed, will be distributed by text alerts. Our past experience shows electrical power and cellular service are not always available. Text communication service has been the most reliable.

Thank you.

Harris County MUD 341

Storm Sewer Cleaning

MUD 341 will be cleaning out storm sewers this week and the early part of next week. The storm sewer is designed to effectively remove water from our streets during rain events. The cleaning will continue to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of our storm sewer system. Earlier this year we did an inspection of a portion of our storm sewers with a camera to determine any areas that had reductions in flow. This analysis is part of a 5 year program to utilize a camera to evaluate all the storm sewers in our District. The work this week will be to vacuum debris and make any needed repairs. The vendor is Source Point and you will likely see their trucks in our neighborhood. Below is a map with the areas to be cleaned identified in brown.

You can do your part to help us by never throwing trash in a storm sewer. The majority of items to be vacuumed this week are water bottles that have settled in the bottom of the pipes.

Thank you.

MUD 341 Board of Directors