Water Service Update

You may have seen the boil notices for Katy and the city of Houston. OUR WATER IS SAFE TO DRINK. When we lost supply from the City of Houston, we switched to our well to provide water. We treat it at our plant. You may notice a drop in pressure, so please only use water as needed.

Also please know that MUD 341 serves Lakes on Eldridge residents, Kirk elementary and the commercial entities at Tanner and Eldridge, but not Lakes on Eldridge North. That is served by MUD 370. They have had several additional problems and we have loaned them our generators off and on through this crisis to help them keep service to their residents. If you hear of issues in that subdivision, please do not assume that is true for us.

MUD 341’s Board of Directors are all residents of Lakes on Eldridge. We and our operator, TNG have worked hard through this crisis to maintain water and sewer service. Our trash provider, Texas Pride has not yet determined if they can provide service tomorrow. We will send an update later today.

Thank you for your patience.
HC Mud 341 Board of Directors

Low Water Pressure

You may be experiencing lower than normal water pressure. The West Houston Regional Water Authority surface line that supplies our District with water has had a valve burst at our water plant. Please help in conserving water over the next 5-6 hours until the repair is completed. We do not anticipate that water will be shut off due to this repair.

Remember that the plant is on emergency power until power is restored and we ask that residents please conserve as much water as possible until we power is restored. Drip faucets overnight to reduce pipe damage.

Thank you for your cooperation

TNG Utility Corp

Trash and Recycling Update

Due to continued below freezing weather and hazardous road conditions, garbage service will resume on the regular schedule this Thursday. Recycling will resume next Monday. Thank you.