2022 Year End Project Summary and 2023 Plans

2022 Project Accomplishments

Reliability and Water Quality Improvements
  • Tank Rehabilitation at the Water Plant: The 3rd of 3 water tanks was repaired and recoated, both externally and internally, this year.  The 2 other storage tanks at the site were repaired and rehabilitated in 2021.  This major project extends the life of these tanks 10-15 years.  Together these 3 tanks hold 572,000 gallons of water to serve our community.
  • Additional Fuel Storage Tank Installed: A 500-gallon diesel fuel storage tank was installed and filled at the water plant bringing the total fuel storage to 1500 gallons.  In the event of a major power outage, this means the MUD can continue to provide water service, using generator power, for almost a week without additional fuel.  The MUD also has existing contracts with diesel providers to refill the tanks upon request.
  • Natural Gas Generator installed at Sewage Lift Station: A new natural gas fired emergency generator was installed at the sewage lift station, which pumps sewage from the neighborhood to the regional sewage treatment plant.  This installation provides reliability of effective sewage transfer during a power outage.  If the sewage treatment plant was unable to perform for some reason, contracts exist to remove sewage by pumper truck.
  • Electrical Reliability Improvements: All mercury and RFD switches were replaced at the water plant.  This greatly enhances the reliability of these important operational functions and extends their life by 10 years.
  • Televising of Sanitary and Storm Water Lines: The remaining 75% of these lines were televised this year to look for internal damage.  Twenty five percent was completed in 2021.  The analysis which was completed in November 2022 showed several locations in the storm water lines where roots or trash were inhibiting full flow.  Repairs will commence in early 2023.  Only one sanitary line was identified for partial blockage and that repair will be completed in 2022.  The televising process is the most effective method to determine internal condition of the thousands of feet of pipe within the district.
Drainage and Lake Enhancements
  • New Drainage into Turkey Creek: A new drainage pipe was installed into Turkey Creek near Lake Center Run.  This new pipe eliminated a bottleneck in the existing system which previously reduced the drainage capacity for all sections of the community located east of Turkey Creek.
  • Rehabilitation of Lake H: Lake H is located near the end of Emerald Brook at the farthest southeastern portion of the subdivision.  This project included removal and replacement of 60” and 36” rusted drainage pipes within the lake and demolition of the old, decaying concrete edging around the lake.  The edge had become a safety issue.  The decaying concrete around the lake was replaced with a natural grassy edge consistent with many new subdivision installations.  Additional sod is still being installed in areas damaged by construction.
  • Drainage Outfall Pipe Replacements: In addition to the replacements at Lake H, the 48” outfall pipe at Lake B near the intersection of Heather Run and Lake Shore Ridge was replaced with a new concrete pipe.  That pipe takes the street runoff from portions of Heather Run and Lake Shore Ridge and directs it into Lake B.  The previously existing pipe was metal and had rusted creating the potential for the streets to fail to drain adequately.
  • Rehabilitation of Overflow box at Lake D: Lake D is located near Crescent Cove.  This drainage box began leaking and causing the lake to unexpectedly drop in water level.  While the HOA normally controls lake levels, the MUD owns the facility and repairs any non-functioning drainage related portions of the lake.   The area around the box was injected with a specialized foam that stopped the leaks.
  • Replacement of Overflow Box at Lake F: Lake F is located at the intersection of Lake Center Run and Summer Falls.  This lake overflow box was completely replaced this summer after it was discovered to be leaking water and preventing the lake from maintaining its level.  This overflow box had been patched several times over the last 20 years.  The new box is a completely new concrete structure.
  • Auburn Shores/Bristol Waters Street Drainage: Two existing street inlets were removed and replaced with larger inlets to enhance drainage in the Auburn Shores and Bristol Waters neighborhoods.  These inlets were installed after engineering modeling determined they would eliminate the routine flooding preventing egress from the Auburn Shores neighborhood.

Upcoming Projects for 2023 and 2024

  • Drainage Outfall Pipe Replacements: As evidenced by the condition of the outflow pipes in Lakes H and B, the MUD has determined that all the outflow pipes into the lakes must be replaced.   In 2023, the MUD will replace pipes leading to the lake in Pelican Point, at the end of Bristol Banks (across from the clubhouse), at the south side of Bristol Banks and at the end of Lake Shore Ridge.   Additional outfall pipes will be replaced in 2024.  Each of these replacements will remove old, rusted pipes and replace them with new longer lasting concrete pipes.  This work will begin in early 2023.
  • Replacement of Drainage Outfalls into Turkey Creek: Located near the pedestrian bridge over Turkey Creek, these large metal drainage pipes provide drainage outfall for most of the neighborhood.  They are also rusted.  The current pipe configuration will be replaced with a significant concrete structure.  Because this project is considered part of the flood control for Harris County, significant permitting and coordination with Harris County Flood Control District is required.  This work is currently estimated to begin in the 4th quarter of 2023 in conjunction with the work at Lake G. 
  • Rehabilitation of Lake G: Located on the east side of Turkey Creek, next to Lake H, this lake also has rusted drainage pipes that will be replaced with new concrete pipes, as well as having the broken concrete edges removed and replaced with a natural grassy edge.  The timing of this project is critical because this lake is used by the HOA for irrigation.  Taking the lake out of service requires that the work is done when irrigation needs are lower, such as during the 4th quarter or 1st quarter of the year.  During this time, irrigation water can be pumped from other lakes to maintain the property.   This rehabilitation is anticipated to begin in 4th quarter 2023.

Additional information will be shared with the community as these projects move forward.  To stay up to date on all MUD issues involving water and sewer service, trash or drainage, please sign up for text and/or email alerts at www.hcmud341.org.