Heavy Storm Related Trash Pick-up Complete

Please be advised that as of 6/11, no additional unbundled heavy trash from the recent storm will be collected.  Due to the large volume and size of the debris, unique equipment was required by Texas Pride to clear our community at an additional cost to the MUD.  To date, the MUD has removed over 1250 tractor trailer sized loads of storm related debris.  Any future collection of limbs or fencing must be in accordance with normal trash requirements.  This means it must be bagged or placed in cans weighing less than 50 pounds.  Fencing or limbs must be no longer than 4′ long and bundled into easily collected bundles no larger than 4’x4’x4′ and weighing less than 50 pounds with a maximum of 8 bundles per day.  Residents are encouraged to now follow normal procedures for fencing replacement and tree trimming and have their contractor remove discarded material.  More trash collection information can be found at Trash – Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 341.

Thank you for your patience.
HC MUD 341 Board of Directors

HC MUD 341 Storm Refuse Collection Update

Collection of tree limbs and major refuse at homes by the MUD is approximately 60 percent complete. The restoration process is slower than anyone would like due to very long lines at the disposal sites. The storm is a city wide problem, so contractors are in high demand and the disposal sites are very crowded. This greatly extends the cycle time of our trucks. The HOA is working on the common area clean up with 2 of their normal contractors. The MUD and HOA are in regular communication and both are working hard to return our community to normal.

If you were impacted by the storm, please ensure all major limbs or fencing is placed at the curb for pickup. The MUD’s contractor cannot enter your yard and the length of the collection arm on the trucks has a limited reach, so materials must be at the curb for collection. Small limbs or other trash should be in containers, bags or bundled for collection through normal trash collection procedures.

We extend a special thanks to those residents that have shared their appreciation for our efforts to keep water and sewer service through the power outage and now our trash collection efforts. We will continue to strive to serve you as well as possible in the current circumstances.

Thank you for your patience.

HC MUD 341 Board of Directors

HCMUD 341 – Storm Related Update

Monday’s trash and recycling residential pickup will be normal service.

Collection of major tree limbs in front of homes will begin tomorrow and continue through next week.

Small limbs and small debris that is in bags or containers will be collected on Monday.

Water and sewer services are working effectively. The MUD is running on generators and currently has sufficient fuel with additional fuel deliveries already scheduled if needed.

Thank you for your patience.

MUD 341 Board of Directors