Annual Chlorine Flush

Dear HCMUD 341 Residents:

TNG Utility will conduct its annual free-burn throughout your water system. This process will begin on Tuesday November 1, 2022 and conclude on Tuesday November 8, 2022. The purpose of this process is to circulate water throughout the entire system using Chlorine, including dead end sections that would not get circulation otherwise. It is anticipated that this process will improve taste/quality of your water and should also eliminate odors which occur from time to time. This process may stir up settled colored water and other debris, which is then flushed from the neighborhood hydrants and valves throughout the system. Please note that the water is safe to drink. You may experience colored water during this process, this water is not being created at the water plant; it is caused by the flushing of the system with free chlorine and results in burning the nitrates from the water system. Your MUD receives surface water from West Harris County Regional Water Authority and this process ensures that your system is cleaned from any settled nitrates coming from the surface water received into the district.

The following are some things you may experience:

  • Colored water coming from your faucets when you first turn on the water
  • Colored water coming from your toilets when you flush
  • Pungent smell coming from your water when you turn on your faucets

Helpful tips:

  • Run your faucets 1-3 minutes before using the water
  • Unplug your ice machine / buy ice for consumption
  • Wash your clothes prior to November 1. If this is not possible, in order to avoid potential staining to your clothes, consider using a laundromat (there are ones located on Gessner and on 529) for that 1 week period.   Also run your washing machine through one cycle before washing any clothes. This will help cycle through any unsettled water in the lines from the main line to your house line
  • If you are using a water softener change / clean the filter each week during the process.
  • When you encounter any odor coming from the water. Pouring bleach in the drain will help settle the smell.

Again, please note that TNG will begin the Free-burn process on November 1, 2022. During this time, you will see TNG personnel flushing the system using the fire hydrants and blow off valves located throughout your neighborhood. TNG Utility has experience in this process and utilizes this maintenance in many of our districts that receive surface water. We understand the inconvenience this causes but feel this is a prudent process to continue to provide your community quality water in your homes. TNG appreciates your patience during this process. If at any time during the free burn process you are still experiencing water issues, please feel free to contact TNG Utility at 281-350-0895.