Construction Announcement

Beginning approximately September 19, Harris County MUD No. 341 will be initiating a rehabilitation project around Lake H which is the lake in the farthest southeastern corner of the neighborhood near the Addicks Reservoir.  The closest streets to this work are Emerald Brook Drive and Millstream Way.

Lake H, and its neighbor Lake G near Turkey Creek, were originally burrow pits for the construction of Beltway 8.  When Lakes on Eldridge community’s developer bought the property, he decided to use a landscape contractor to make these two pits/lakes more attractive instead of rebuilding them to conform to the other lakes in our community.  Lake H’s edges are simply a small concrete edge piece with a thin poured concrete apron.  After 25 years, these edges and the apron are failing and have created some jagged edges and unstable sides in multiple locations.

Lake H’s rehabilitation includes demolition of the decaying concrete around the edge of the lake, re-grading the edges and upper surface, and sodding of the area to provide a smooth grassy surface all the way down to the water.  The project also includes replacement of several drainage pipes that are decaying and have reached the end of their useful life (sizes range from 24” to 66”).  This will leave Lake H with a natural edge.  This is the most common lake edge currently in use by developers around Harris County and the Houston region.

MUD 341 did obtain quotes to make Lakes G and H match the other lakes in our community with concrete walls, but the cost was several million dollars which we did not believe was cost effective.  Natural edge lakes are beautiful and provide quality detention of water.  It is anticipated that work on Lake G will be done in early 2024. Lake G is currently used by the HOA to provide irrigation to a large portion of the community and therefore needs to be rehabilitated separately from this construction.

Construction workers and equipment for the Lake H rehabilitation will be accessing the lake from the cul-de-sac at the end of Emerald Brook Dr.   Please be aware of any traffic congestion in that area and please do not walk around that lake during construction.  Depending on weather conditions, construction will last approximately 90 days.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the engineer for the project, Eric Johnson, P.E., with IDS Engineering Group at 713-962-0666 or You can also reach the Board of Directors of MUD 341, all of whom are residents of LOE, at

Thank you for your cooperation.