Beginning January 8, 2024, MUD 341 will initiate construction to 1) rehabilitate Lake G which is located on the east side of Turkey Creek and 2) replace the primary outflow pipes into Turkey Creek.  The current outflow pipes are the 7 large metal pipes located near the walking bridge over Turkey Creek.  The pipes on both sides of Turkey Creek will be replaced with concrete pipes.   These pipes are the primary drainage pipes from LOE into Turkey Creek and the Addicks Reservoir.  They are critical infrastructure and are a key component to preventing routine flooding.

Lake G’s broken edges will be removed and replaced with a natural edge similar to what was previously completed by the MUD at Lake H farther east.   The existing edge is not a “wall”.  It was originally installed only as a decorative edge by LOE’s developer’s landscaper.   The rehabilitation will yield a natural looking lake in common with current major community developers.


Because this project will involve heavy equipment and significant excavation, access to Lake G will be prohibited for your safety.  The walking bridge over Turkey Creek will be closed; however, a temporary crossing suitable for walkers will be installed near the cul de sac of Indian Shores Lane.  This will enable walkers to complete the loop around Turkey Creek.  This temporary crossing is only suitable for fully mobile walkers in dry weather since it involves walking down and up the slopes along Turkey Creek.  Signs will be posted notifying you of closed areas.


The week of January 8, the contractor will begin removing the water in Lake G and depositing it into Lake H to the east.  The pumps used for this process are loud but will only run during the day.  It is estimated it will take about 5 days to transfer the water and any fish between the lakes.  After Lake G is dry, the rehabilitation of the lake edge will begin.  Following the work on the lake edge, the outflow pipes between Lake G and Turkey Creek will be replaced.  After that side of Turkey Creek is completed, the contractor will replace the pipes on the west side of Turkey Creek.  Overall, the project is expected to take approximately 3 months.


If you have questions, please contact Eric Johnson, the MUD’s district engineer at ejohnson@idseg.com or 713.962.0666 (cell) or 832.590.7224 (office).  You may also reach out to the MUD Board of Directors who all live within LOE by https://www.hcmud341.org/contact/.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as the MUD completes this important project.

MUD 341 Board of Directors