HCMUD 341 Construction Update

Construction is now complete on the new storm water outfall into Turkey Creek near the Lake Center Run bridge.  This new outfall eliminates a crossover under the street that limited the rapid flow of rainwater into Turkey Creek.  The MUD did extensive modeling to look for opportunities to improve drainage and this was identified as making a significant impact.

Many people have asked about the size of this new outfall compared to existing outfalls along Turkey Creek.  Since Turkey Creek is under the jurisdiction of Harris County Flood Control District, the new outfall had to be constructed to their current standards, and they conducted several inspections to ensure compliance.  Any new drainage outfall into a creek, bayou, or other facility managed by Harris County Flood Control District must meet their current requirements.

The MUD has also installed additional street inlets which should significantly reduce the instances of Auburn Shores and Bristol Waters neighborhoods being impassable due to high water in the street.

The next phase of drainage evaluations and improvements will begin in early May.  The MUD will be running a camera through all of the storm drains and looking for any blockages.  Last year, the MUD analyzed 25 percent of the community and made repairs.  This year, the MUD will complete the analysis and any needed repairs of the remaining 75 percent.  Each resident can help the storm drains function more efficiently by never placing any plastic bottles, grass clippings, or other refuse in the storm drains.  This trash can settle in the bottom of the pipes, potentially causing blockages and limiting the system’s effectiveness.   There should be no disruption of service during this investigation and repair.

In April, the MUD will also initiate the rehabilitation of one of our ground storage tanks at our water plant.   Last year, two of our three tanks were drained, sand blasted and coated to ensure the long term availability of water supply to our neighborhood.  This work on our 3rd tank will complete this important maintenance to our critical water supply.

MUD 341 sincerely thanks the community for their patience during our recent construction.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our website at https://www.hcmud341.org/contact.