MUD 341 Lake Management

Beginning September 7, HC MUD 341 has begun adding water to the lakes of our community to try to protect the lake walls from damage and potential collapse. This action was taken after significant consultation with the MUD’s engineering firm, as well as an independent 3rd party  structural engineer.  The lakes are a significant asset to the appearance of the Lakes on Eldridge community, and the replacement cost of the walls, is currently estimated to be approximately $12 million.

This is the first time in our community’s history that the MUD has added water to the lake facilities.  Historically, the HOA has added any supplemental water needed to maintain the lake levels. The lakes provide two primary purposes:

  1. For the MUD, the lakes receive rainwater runoff from the streets through an underground piping system.  Once the lakes are full, the rainwater transfers into Turkey Creek and the Addicks Reservoir.
  2. For the HOA, the lakes are a source of irrigation water for the common areas and a beautiful amenity for the community, when the lakes are full of water.  i.e. “Lakes on Eldridge.”

Recent changes by the HOA to their irrigation pump system allows them to use more water out of the lakes for irrigation.  This change, combined with the harsh drought has driven the lakes to unprecedented low levels.

The MUD’s Land Maintenance Agreement with the HOA requires the HOA to “maintain (the lakes) for the purpose of enhancing and/or preserving the natural beauty and aesthetic quality of the property”.   The MUD is paying the HOA $180,000 this year for that purpose and to supplement the cost of maintaining the lakes and surrounding property.

The HOA added a small amount of water to the lakes in August, per the MUD’s request but is unwilling to spend any additional money to add the water necessary to meet normal aesthetic/beauty considerations, despite the fact that not doing so could result in damage to the lake walls.

Rather than continue to disagree about responsibility, the MUD has chosen to proceed with adding water directly to protect this valuable asset.  The MUD intends to use reserve funds for this expense.  The MUD will not completely fill the lakes but will attempt to bring them up to a level providing more wall stability, while leaving enough room in the lakes in the event of a major rainstorm.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the MUD 341 Board members who are all residents of the community.  You can reach them through