Storm Sewer Cleaning

MUD 341 will be cleaning out storm sewers this week and the early part of next week. The storm sewer is designed to effectively remove water from our streets during rain events. The cleaning will continue to ensure the effectiveness and integrity of our storm sewer system. Earlier this year we did an inspection of a portion of our storm sewers with a camera to determine any areas that had reductions in flow. This analysis is part of a 5 year program to utilize a camera to evaluate all the storm sewers in our District. The work this week will be to vacuum debris and make any needed repairs. The vendor is Source Point and you will likely see their trucks in our neighborhood. Below is a map with the areas to be cleaned identified in brown.

You can do your part to help us by never throwing trash in a storm sewer. The majority of items to be vacuumed this week are water bottles that have settled in the bottom of the pipes.

Thank you.

MUD 341 Board of Directors