HC MUD 341 Construction Announcement

Construction on a new storm sewer line into Turkey Creek will begin the week of January 24th.  The MUD completed several detailed engineering analyses looking for opportunities to improve local street drainage.  This new line is being installed to remove a choke point in the existing system and will enable water to drain more quickly during heavy rain events.  Additional minor street inlet work will be done on 3 streets as part of this project.  Last year, the MUD completed a camera analysis of 25 percent of the storm sewer lines and removed debris.  In 2022, the MUD will complete the camera analysis of all the remaining storm sewer lines and remove any debris and/or repair any damage found.

As part of the new construction project, portions of the sidewalk near Turkey Creek will have to be closed.  This is for your safety and the MUD appreciates your cooperation during this time.  For those residents who like to walk the Turkey Creek loop, you can still enter the loop on the southwest side and walk over the foot bridge, but you will need to exit either at Indian Shores Lane or Mariner’s Harbor and then turn left on Summer Falls and then left again on Lake Center Run to complete the loop.  We anticipate construction will be approximately 4 weeks and we appreciate your understanding.  As part of the project, one oak tree will be removed.  A new oak tree will be planted during restoration as recommended by the LOE landscape committee.

If you have any questions about the construction, please contact Eric Johnson, P.E., the engineer for MUD 341 at 832.590.7224 or ejohnson@idseg.com.  You may also contact the MUD Board of Directors at https://www.hcmud341.org/contact.

Harris County MUD 341 is a Municipal Utility District (MUD) of the State of Texas authorized and governed by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to provide water, sewage, local street drainage and garbage/recycling services.  For more information about MUD 341 and MUD’s in general, please see https://www.hcmud341.org/about/faq.